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Build Memo Y24: Operator: Organising the Unorganised

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Operator: Organising the Unorganised

🛠️ Automating notes, tasks, and emails for tech workers with ADHD | 👩🏻‍💻 Website

Founder Operator Joel Tankard

Hey, I’m Joel, the creator of Operator.

I'm building Operator to organise unorganised people's notes, tasks, and emails.

🤔 The Problem

Tech workers who have ADHD lack object permanence. Important notes, tasks, and emails will disappear into the abyss as soon as more recent information appears.

💡 The Solution

Don't change the way people work; automate around the way they work.

Sometimes Notion works best for capturing our thoughts and tasks. Sometimes we're in a rush and Apple Notes works best. The tools aren't the problem; the tools work great. The problem is the lack of connection between the tools. Operator is like an intelligent superglue between these tools.

🛠️ How Do We Do It?

Operator manages your notes, tasks, and emails across all your apps. Using this context, Operator will output a simple day plan into the task app of your choice. Everything is done locally on your device for total privacy. The more you use Operator, the better it will understand what's important to you.

❓ Why Us?

It's personal.

My wife, Henad, was diagnosed with ADHD in her late 20s. In hindsight, it was obvious. I cannot count the number of times I've been in a panicked rush looking for her glasses just before we left to see a movie.

I first built Operator as an app to quickly collect and prioritise her thoughts using AI, but after a while, she stopped using it. She would naturally gravitate back to her notes app on her phone because anything else just felt too overwhelming when in a rush, despite these notes never seeing the light of day again.

I saw this trend in my waitlist too, with "I feel overwhelmed by the amount of information I need to manage" only second to "I procrastinate" when I asked potential customers, "How would you describe your organisational skills?"

Through research and talking to these customers, I realised people with ADHD struggled with object permanence digitally too. Just like how my wife would lose her glasses 10 seconds after putting them down, people with ADHD would lose their notes and tasks almost immediately. Operator 2.0 is set to fix this.

I am not just an engineer. I started in design and launched my first project, a game named Waffle Run, which grew to 30k+ daily players. I was one of two founding engineers of a now massive company, Grow Inc., which I helped grow to a $400M valuation. I've worked across multiple startups over the past 10 years. I've built enough projects and teams to know when things are going really, really well and when they are really not going so well.

🙏 The Ask

Operator is raising a pre-seed round next month. If you're interested, reach out to me via LinkedIn.

On the other hand, if you feel unorganised, join our waitlist at www.operator.app. We're onboarding our first cohort of beta users in late July.

Helpful links:

Come watch Joel present at Demo Day!

You can reach out directly to Joel here.