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Build Memo Y24: Sukara Tech: The Home for Creator Growth

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Sukara Tech: The Home for Creator Growth

🛠️ Easy-to-use tools for creators to grow engaged audiences | 👩🏻‍💻 Website

Founder Sukara Technology Nivaaz

Hey, I’m Nivaaz, the creator of Sukara Technology.

At Sukara Tech, we transform how brands, creators, and shoppers interact. We do this by building easy-to-use tools for creators to monetise and grow engaged audiences.

🤔 The Problem

The affiliate industry was worth $17B worldwide in 2022, with the American market capturing $8.2B. The industry grows at roughly 10% annually.

Every single creator goes through the journey of growing pains as a creator. Through this process, we see common pitfalls in the interaction between creators & shoppers:

Creators: Growing as a creator involves overcoming challenges like competing for clicks, views, and engagement against more prominent influencers.

Shoppers: Shoppers struggle to find discount codes hidden in video content or long social media captions, often resorting to screenshots or notes, making them hard to find later.

Current solutions: Websites offering discount codes lack reliability, have poor UX, and feel scammy. They fail to connect the creator’s value to shoppers and brands.

On top of this, we’re seeing a global shopping trends change:

Trends: Younger shoppers (GenZ & Millennial) increasingly (62% more) value the efforts and values of brands and public figures they follow and buy from.

💡 The Solution

To capture more of the market, we want to offer resources at all stages of the creator journey to help creators grow and optimise their processes.

Web app - public search engine for influencer discount codes:

  • Shoppers - discover brands, creators, discount codes, and associated partnerships or discounts.

  • Creators - grow their audience & usage of their discount codes when customers discover and use them.

  • Brands - are recommended up-and-coming creators to collaborate with based on insights from our platform.

Digital products - AI-powered digital templates to streamline content creator workflows.

Source: sukara.tech

🛠️ How Do We Do It?

‘Sukara’ derives from Sanskrit and loosely translates to ‘easy to action’, which is the core of how we build tools at Sukara.

  • Easy to use — By building an excellent user experience with the creator, brand, and shopper in mind, our users are incentivised to return to the platform.

  • Creator-led — We work with creators to build features, optimise them, and use their data in a way that adds exponential value for them.

  • Growth and data-driven — From day 1, we’ve been focused on data and insights, along with experimentation, to design high-value and sticky platforms for our creators.

❓ Why Us?

It’s personal.

Nivaaz studied electrical engineering at university, but it wasn't until her dog passed away during her studies that she realised life was too short to conform. She embraced her creative flair for self-expression, happiness, and inspiration. Now, she's building a platform to help millions do the same and grow & monetize engaged audiences.

Nivaaz, a self-proclaimed startup unicorn, has experience as a growth engineer, designer, and social media manager at iconic Aussie scaleups like Canva, Eucalyptus, and Immutable. For over seven years, she's created content on social media platforms through images, photography, tutorials, and blogs.

In her spare time, she explores trends and data across social media platforms, showcasing her growth and creativity.

🙏 The Ask

Introduction to:

  1. Content creators who have affiliate codes or want to have them.

  2. Brands that work with content creators.

  3. Creator fans - who are obsessed with social media & creator space.

  4. You → Sign up to our waitlist https://sukara.tech/

Helpful links:

Come watch Nivaaz present at Demo Day!

You can reach out directly to Nivaaz here.